Extend the evaluation period of Windows Server 2008 Operating System

Microsoft is undoubtly the choice of enterprises. There is no technology which the giant hasn’t touched. Most people who would like to explore these new technologies would need to install Windows Server 2008 operating system, and test the technologies. Also, in the testing phase, it is advisable to the install the operating system as evaluation period or grace period. In short, we might need to install the operating system without activating the license in the server.

After installing the operating system as “Trial”, by default, the evaluation period is for 60 days. What if you haven’t finished your testing/learning in 60 days? There is no need to install the operating system again, do the configuration from the beginning. You can actually extend the evaluation period or grace period.

Two commands can actually do this.

1. Open an elevated command prompt.
2. Type the command ‘slmgr.vbs -dli’ (slmgr.vbs is a vb file in C:\Windows\System32 folder)

Guess what???? You are done. Your evaluation period has been extended. Good Luck.!!!!